Top 10 Posts of 2020

Who could have imagined that 2020 with all its hope for a new decade would instead become one of the deadliest years in history? As we begin 2021, my wish for you is a healthy and hopeful new year. But before we move forward, I’m taking a look backward to see which posts were the most popular in 2020.

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How to Be the Perfect Grandma Is Hilarious

Bryna Nelson Paston’s book, How to Be the Perfect Grandma, will have you laughing hysterically, but her final chapter in this second edition might make you shed a tear. She offers this advice: Stay in contact with your grandchildren no matter how many phone calls go unanswered. Keep busy with your own life. And if you are very, very lucky, someday your adorable, loving grandchildren will come back. All it takes is time.

Dealing with the Disappointment of Canceled Plans

How do you deal with the disappointment of canceled plans when your grandchild gets sick? Here are four steps for dealing with disappointment. The hardest part is getting past the initial disappointment and angst of indecision to a place of accepting that your plans must be canceled and reaching a place of calm.

When Adults Tease Children Everyone Loses

When adults tease children who do not know how to respond, the impact can be very harmful. Talk to the child about how it makes him feel and ask the teaser to apologize.

13 Best Books for New Grandparents

Each year GRAND Magazine selects the best new books for grandparents. These books offer sage advice for seasoned grandparents as well as new ones.

Don’t Play Favorites with Your Grandchildren

As grandparents, we must strive to provide appropriate love and support for all our grandchildren, regardless of the level of affection we feel for them. Even if we have favorites, it’s not okay to play favorites.

Build Traditions with Your Grandchildren

Grandparents play an important role in the family by creating rituals and traditions with their grandchildren that share their values. These traditions you share now will build the bonds that will help your relationship endure and provide wonderful memories after you’re gone.

Show Appreciation to the Mother of Your Grandchildren

You don’t have to wait till Mother’s Day to tell your daughter or daughter-in-law what a wonderful job she’s doing raising your grandchildren. Express your gratitude, thanks, and appreciation to her in a genuine way and be specific.

How to Connect with Your Teenage Grandchild

If you’ve built a strong bond with your grandchild over the years, it can be tested during the pre-teen and teenage years. Now is when your patience, love, and creativity may be needed more than ever before.

Difficult Daughter-in-law: What’s Her Problem?

The roots of the difficult daughter-in-law’s behavior may go back to her family of birth. She might have seen her mother be disrespectful or unloving toward her mother-in-law.

Grandparents Need to Respect the Parents’ Boundaries

We can all learn from creating boundaries that allow us to clarify our needs, wants, and comfort levels to help foster healthy relationships between parents and grandparents.

Some Kudos GaGa Sisterhood Received Over The Years

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