13 Best Books for New Grandparents

Each year GRAND Magazine selects the best new books for grandparents. This year, in recognition of their new My GRANDbaby section, they focused on books that will appeal to new grandparents. I’m honored they selected my book, When Being a Grandma Isn’t So Grand: 4 Keys to L.O.V.E. Your Grandchild’s Parents.

Back in 2004, when Christine Crosby launched GRAND Magazine, there were not a lot of book choices. But with the explosion of baby boomer grands, this book category is growing as fast as our grandkids.

To help them make their selection for this year’s recognition of the 13 Best Books for New Grandparents, they asked fellow members of the GRANDparent Network to pitch in. These books offer sage advice for seasoned grandparents as well as new ones.








The 13 books cover a wide range of approaches to grandparenthood including advice, humor and activities. Here are the books and their authors:

  1. Good to Be Grand: Making the Most of Your Grandchild’s First Year by Cheryl Harbour
  2. Today’s Grandmother: Your Guide to the First Two Years by Angela Bowen
  3. Becoming Grandma: The Joys and Science of the New Grandparenting by Lesley Stahl
  4. The Grandest Love: Inspiring the Grandparent-Grandchild Connection by Jerry Witkovsky
  5. The Grandparents Handbook by Elizabeth Laban
  6. Ask Dr. Gramma Karen, Vol. 2: Savvy Advice to Soothe Parent-Grandparent Conflicts by Karen Rancourt
  7. When Being a Grandma Isn’t So Grand: 4 Keys to L.O.V.E. Your Grandchild’s Parents by Donne Davis
  8. The Good Granny Guide by Jane Fearnley-Whittingstal
  9. The Grandparent’s Book by Miriam Stoppard
  10. Glorious Grandparenting: Having the Time of Your Life with Your Grandchildren by Hunniford, Gloria (2010) by Gloria Hunniford
  11. The Essential Grandparent: A Guide to Making a Difference by Dr. Lillian Carson
  12. The Grandparent Guide by Dr. Arthur Kornhaber
  13. The Granny Diaries: An Insider’s Guide for New Grandmothers by Adair Lara
Get off to a great start as a grandma and avoid the common mistakes new grandmas make. Buy my book “When Being a Grandma Isn’t So Grand.”

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  1. May I also humbly propose Celebrating Grandmothers: grandmothers talk about their lives, which chronicles the views of 27 grandmothers in their own words. It illustrates both the happy side of being a grandma and the more challenging aspects.

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