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Whether you’re a brand-new grandma, a seasoned grandma, or a grandma-at-heart, you’ve come to the right place. The GaGa Sisterhood has a wealth of resources for grandmas who are totally “gaga” for their grandchildren.

As the founder of the GaGa Sisterhood, I’ve been curating resources for grandmas since I first became one in 2003. I know firsthand how complicated the role can be. When you and your grandchild’s parents begin the exciting journey of welcoming this precious new being into the family, your lives will be forever changed.

You will experience the highest highs and possibly the lowest lows as you grow into your title of “Grandma” or “Nana” or “Noni” or a host of other grandma names. Whether you’re “Kiki” or “Baba,” (my grandma name,) choosing your grandma moniker may be your first big decision.

Donne Davis

Donne Davis
Founder of
GaGa Sisterhood

The content on this website includes twenty years of blog posts that offer advice on how to begin this exciting new relationship, book recommendations, ways to stay connected with your grandchildren, long-distance grandparenting advice, self-care and much more.

Be sure to click on our Resources page, where you’ll find links to our favorite grandparent websites. On our Press page, you’ll find links to podcasts and articles featuring my conversations with hosts about the ins and outs of being a grandma.

How Ga Ga Sisterhood Was Born

History of GaGa Sisterhood

Idea grew out of passion for becoming a grandma

My idea for GaGa Sisterhood grew out of my passion for becoming a grandma after witnessing the birth of my first grandchild, Juliet on April 26, 2003.

Immediately, I wanted to find kindred sisters who shared my enthusiasm, and boy did I! So many grandmas have graced my life over 20 years — it’s hard to quantify.
For two decades GaGa Sisterhood was a growing national membership organization. The organization provided “gaga” grandmas a place to bond, brag, and benefit.

Contact Me

Contact me if you need an article on grandparenting, a guest on your podcast or a speaker for your organization.

For more than twenty years, I’ve been writing and speaking on the joys and challenges of modern grandparents as well as the importance of rituals and traditions for families.

Drop a note to me on the Contact Form.

Over the Years

From our first meeting on December 7, 2003 to our last farewell meeting on December 7, 2023, grandmas have shared their stories and touched my heart.

For two decades, the GaGa Sisterhood has always been a labor of love for me. I produced regular blog posts and newsletters for our growing audience of grandmas. Over the years, the format of the group evolved but my mission remained firm — to inspire grandmas to keep growing and learning along with our children and grandchildren.

Since COVID, it became more laborious trying to juggle two almost disparate groups — our original local Silicon Valley grandmas and our newer online community from all over the U.S. (sometimes even Australia) The other difference was the age of our grandchildren. Lots of our members felt they’ve “aged out” because their grandchildren were teenagers and older. Finding speakers and topics that appealed to all ages became more challenging.

As I faced these challenges, I realized it was time for me to step down from hosting regular meetings and bid farewell to our GaGa Sisterhood members.

20 years -December 7, 2003 to December 7, 2023

On December 7, 2023, our GaGa Sisterhood members met for our last formal meeting. While there will be some small, local franchised GaGa Sisterhood groups who will continue to meet in their local neighborhoods, we are no longer continuing GaGa Sisterhood as a national online membership organization.

Going forward

Many ask me what’s next? I’ll continue to enjoy my three precious grandchildren and family. I’ll write articles and do some speaking on some of my favorite topics — the joys and challenges of modern grandparenting and rituals and traditions. I’m available for podcasts, panels, and public speaking opportunities.

Contact me if you or your organization needs a speaker. I look forward to staying in touch.  Drop a note to me on our Contact Form.

GaGa Sisterhood Resources

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Link to Resources - GaGa Sisterhood’s favorite grandparent websites

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20 years of posts about topics grandmas need to know

Our Blog contains 20 years of grandparent-focused content. Below are excerpts from some random posts published during the past 20 years. Click on the excerpt link to read the entire post. Also, you can search all the posts by Topic, when you visit our Blog Page.

Talk to Your Children About Homelessness

By Donne Davis | October 22, 2012

On a recent visit my granddaughters noticed a homeless man lying in the doorway of a shop. Our encounter gave us an opportunity to talk about people less fortunate than us.

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How to Give Your Grandchildren Career Advice

By Donne Davis | January 17, 2018

Engage in two-way dialogues to promote the best kind of career advice. Rather than spout lectures or reel off “should” statements about what career your grandchild should choose.

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Bring the Halloween Phantom to Your Neighborhood

By Donne Davis | October 2, 2008

I was walking in a neighborhood when I noticed a flyer on all the front doors with a poem about the “Halloween Phantom” who secretly drops goodies at neighbor’s houses.

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Celebrating the Life of a GaGa Sister

By Donne Davis | August 29, 2017

My devoted GaGa Sister, Janada Clark, passed away on April 26, 2017, at the age of 68 after a short but courageous battle with cancer. Janada was a parent educator, author, and beloved grandma.

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Who Are You When You’re Not Grandma?

By Donne Davis | August 1, 2013

Beneath the surface of every nurturing grandma is a wealth of interesting stories and life experiences. I know because I’ve met hundreds of fascinating grandmas.

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Our Nation’s “First Grandmother,” Marian Robinson

By Donne Davis | November 24, 2008

Michelle Obama’s mother will move into the White House to help care for her grandchildren. Will we see the “Grandmother Effect?”

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Mother, Daughter Bond on Roller Coaster

By Donne Davis | November 18, 2010

Last week my daughter and I rode the Medusa roller coaster at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. As we made our ascent, I thought This is a piece of cake. Then we went into a 150-foot drop.

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Mommy’s Medicine Cabinet to the Rescue

By Donne Davis | March 31, 2011

I just discovered a new product: an organized bag of the most frequently used non-prescription medicines and first-aid products for sick or injured children.

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Silicon Valley Positive Aging Forum

By Donne Davis | January 26, 2010

The GaGa Sisterhood is proud to be one of the community sponsors of the Leading Age Institute’s forum series featuring nationally recognized speakers. The series is designed to highlight key issues about the “cresting age wave.” On Feb 11, 2010, the first speaker in the series will be Dr. Carstensen, Professor and Founding Director of the Stanford Center on Longevity.

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Cannon Beach, Oregon Is a Vacation Spot for All Ages

By Donne Davis | September 18, 2009

Cannon Beach is a spectacular spot to explore tide pools around Haystack Rock, hike in Ecola State Park, and enjoy great food in town.

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GaGa Sisterhood Reaches 10 Year Milestone

By Donne Davis | December 10, 2013

On December 5, 2013, 30 members met to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the GaGa Sisterhood. The ten years have flown by. I feel like a weaver who’s created a magical tapestry.

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The Extreme Danger of Entitlement

By Donne Davis | November 2, 2020

How can we do our own grandparent thing to help our entitled grandkids learn about the importance and satisfaction of things like work, saving, delayed gratification, and self-reliance? This article by Richard and Linda Eyre explains four ways to teach our grandchildren to earn and do for themselves.

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Parents and Grandparents Need Each Other

By Donne Davis | June 27, 2016

Parents and grandparents need each other. We need each other because we can give the parents a break and they can give us what we want most — time alone with our grandchildren.

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Grandma’s Heart Opens Up When Grandson Arrives

By Donne Davis | April 9, 2018

When a grandchild arrives, the heart opens up in ways you can’t imagine as author Susan Byrum Rountree discovered during her first week with her new grandson.

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The Double-Edged Nature of Being a Grandma

By Donne Davis | January 7, 2019

The “double-edged nature of being a grandma is when we are with our grandchildren and think of the future, we’re reminded of our own absence from that future.

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Competing with the “Other” Grandmother

By Donne Davis | January 27, 2009

Natural rivalry between grandmothers happens, but our grandchildren need all the love they can get.

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Reading with Grandchildren Is a Form of Self-Care for Grandparents

By Donne Davis | November 15, 2021

Reading aloud regularly with a child is one of the more important habits a parent or grandparent can establish in a child’s life. It’s as much about the connection between two human beings as it is between the child and letters and words.

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A Grandparenting Class Made Me Wiser and Safer

By Donne Davis | March 17, 2022

Grandparenting classes are crucial for new grandparents because standards of baby care have changed since we raised children. They also help us learn how to navigate the relationship with the new parents.

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The Art of Grandparenting is Available Now

By Donne Davis | August 4, 2009

The Art of Grandparenting, a new anthology written by 20 professional authors who are also grandparents, offers tips and advice to new grandparents.

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Homemade Love on Grandparents Day September 8, 2013

By Donne Davis | September 2, 2013

One purpose of Grandparents Day is to honor grandparents. Here are some creative ideas that grandchildren can do to show their love and appreciation for their grandparents.

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“I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed yesterday’s meeting, my first. What a lovely, dynamic bunch of women!”… Susan

“Thank you so much for the wonderful opportunity to join the GaGa sisterhood. I really enjoyed everyone and the common bond we all share in our own way as Grandmothers. It is surely a great group of women and I loved how open hearted everyone was, I felt very much at home”… Mary Beth

“I get many newsletters. By far, I’d say yours is one of the most interesting and useful” … Helga

“Usually I avoid groups, but the GaGa Sisterhood is very special and I enjoy the meetings, the subjects, and the other grandmas tremendously. Thank you for creating this group and keeping us going”… Carolyn

“Your Sisterhood organization information has been so helpful in preparing me for this unexpectedly rewarding time of life. Thank you” … Carolynn

“Thanks for sending the GaGazine. All of your tips and work are so valuable and fill such a need in uniting three generations”… Berna

“Your newsletter is consistently informative. I don’t know how you do it, but you write the best e-newsletters. I read every part of it. I am sorry that I missed this meeting, but your newsletter brought me up to date.  Thank you”… Carol

“Every meeting has offered something to take away with me ~ some little nugget of advice, some inspiration, a closer connection with another GaGa”… Susan

“You are in for lots of treats as our GaGa gatherings are always very enjoyable”… Kathleen

“After meeting all of you, I’ve been inspired by how you nurture your grandchildren and how GaGa Sisterhood is truly a place for us to be nurtured. You are a wonderful group of ladies and I am proud to have become a member”… Carol

“Your GaGazine is awesome!  Colorful, straightforward, and loaded with information”… Len

“The GaGazine is a real winner!”… Joyce

“You always produce an enjoyable must read. I look forward to every new issue. Keep up the Grand work!”… Christine

“I really had a transformative experience this afternoon! I came home and described the meeting in detail to my husband who was very interested and so pleased that I had this opportunity. The women were so open, and willing to share their experiences and caring attitudes! I will definitely join the group and hope to eventually bring some friends along too!”….Sue

“Thank you for being the very special, loving and caring person that you are. You are so generous to share your natural talents as our leader, to be better grandparents and people. We continue to learn much in many ways...from the speakers you bring to us, by the friendships and commonalities, to the fun and laughs, and even tears we share.  It is truly the very best, because of you. Thank you, thank you, thank you, dear Donne”…. Carol

“You plan such lovely meetings for all of us. I have developed two new friendships from our group, for which I will be ever grateful”… Bev

“What a wonderful GaGa Sisterhood meeting! The way you organized it worked so well and the questions really generated discussion in a most meaningful way. Hats off to you for figuring out how to make it work!”… Marcia

“The GaGa Sisterhood provides not only a place to brag, bond and benefit, but also a place for support, sharing and just plain silliness as we explore who we are as active, involved and evolving grandmothers”… Susan

“I feel very fortunate to have discovered GaGa Sisterhood while visiting my daughter who recently moved to California from the East Coast where I live. I’ve attended just a couple of meetings so far but those meetings and the women I’ve met there have helped me feel more at home at “my home away from home”. Because of this, I am trying to time my future visits to the West Coast, whenever possible, to match the bi-monthly GaGa Sisterhood meetings”… Marcia

“I love the speakers who present at our GaGa Sisterhood meetings.  They are always the highest caliber professionals and they always have something really interesting to say”… Carol

“I really enjoy meeting with this group of women. They are far more informed than the grandma’s of yesteryear. Moreover, they are willing to open up, share, and be enlightened by others. The group of women is very eclectic–each woman has a unique and individual gift to bring to our circle.”… Lisa

“I enjoyed the meeting today. It felt like a comfortable, supportive and fun place to be. Thanks for organizing this group. I think it is a good fit for me and I look forward to future get togethers”… Ricka

“Great meeting. Enjoyed it thoroughly. Very supportive and collegial. Thanks for creating such a warm environment”… Berna

“Thank you for an absolutely outstanding GaGa meeting this afternoon. I feel fortunate to be a part of this lovely group of women. It was an exceptional meeting and I appreciated how honest and genuine everyone was.”… Cheri

“I loved today’s GaGa meeting, it was enlightening and ever so much fun! I can’t wait until the next one in September. So glad I am now a part of this wonderful group of Grandmas!”… Carol

“I admire the way you run the meetings, how inclusive you are, and, mostly, the fact that you created this group out of a common life event–being a grandmother” .... Miriam

“What a treat to be able to share this amazing grandmother experience with those that ‘get it!’ Such a joy!”

"Being a part of The GaGa Sisterhood is such an incredible gift! I love the intellectual stimulation and the building of new relationships. I hope you understand what an incredible experience you're offering to so many of us. You truly are a blessing and I deeply appreciate all you do to make our meetings so meaningful"  .....  Kate

"Your newsletter has great information that's given me inspiration and wisdom on my journey as a grandparent." .... Diane

"Thank you for all you do for us. You enrich our lives and expand our minds" ... LH

Some Kudos GaGa Sisterhood Received Over The Years

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