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Health Advice – Be Like Your Grandparents

Finally, grandparents are getting credit for something good! According to ABC News Chief Health and Medical editor Dr. Richard Besser, today’s young families can learn some valuable health advice from their grandparents and start the New Year off on the right foot.

Eat like your grandparents

Today’s families are eating out 25% more than their grandparents did and taking in more calories. So just one time a week, sit down as a family; eat real food; and serve the food on the plate instead of in serving dishes. You’ll eat less, you’ll talk to each other and you’ll feel better.

Use your grandparents’ technology

Put a basket by the front door and for one night a week, put your cell phones, tablets and other technology in there. Spend time together. Sit together, read together, talk together. You’ll improve your communication skills.

Get your grandparents’ sleep

If you look back at how long grandparents slept when they were younger, they were sleeping on average 8 hours a night. Today’s parents are sleeping 6.5 hours. We know we don’t feel good the next day, but lack of sleep is a risk factor for obesity, heart disease and depression. Once a week, maybe on the weekend, try to go to sleep early and try to get 8 hours of sleep.

Move like your grandparents

Our lives and jobs are sedentary. Adults are sitting so much more and so are the kids. If you look back to 1969, half of all kids walked or rode their bike to school. Now only 10% of kids walk to school. One day a week, walk your child to school. And if it’s too far to walk, park a mile away and walk from there.

Try these tips just one day a week. Start small and build from there.

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  1. Lots of good advice Donne! And clever that it’s ‘from grandparents” of current parents, instead of parents of the parents. For most families these are truisms, though there are always some exceptions..

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