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Hi, I’m Donne Davis. Ever since I became a grandma in 2003, I’ve been on a mission to connect with other grandmas and explore what it means to be a modern grandma. We’re in a new era of grandmotherhood. We have more time, technology, and talent. My mission has been to inspire grandmas to tap into all these resources so we’ll keep growing along with our grandchildren and children and stay connected with them.

It was that thinking, and why I founded the GaGa Sisterhood in 2003. I wanted inspiration and reassurance from other grandmas that all the joys and challenges I was experiencing in my new role were “normal.”

I love hanging out with other grandmas—they’re creative, fun, and energetic. Since 2003, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting hundreds of grandmas who share the same passion for their grandchildren as I do. They’ve inspired me with their creative energy and motivated me to delve deeper into understanding this fascinating time in our lives.

I’ve written about my experiences and observations of grandparenting in the website blog and my monthly newsletter —the  GaGazine. I’ve also written for the Huffington Post and Parenting on the Peninsula, a monthly newspaper that featured my column: The Go-To Grandma.

In September 2012, I published a practical guide for grandmothers and moms: When Being a Grandma Isn’t so Grand: 4 Keys To L.O.V.E. Your Grandchild’s Parents. The paperback is available on Amazon. The ebook is available on ITunes.

I’m also a contributor to two anthologies: The ART of Grandparenting and Wondrous Child. The ART of Grandparenting is a funny, touching, informative collection of essays, stories, and tips by 20 grandparent authorsIn my chapter, How to Become a Go-To Grandma, I’ve written seven strategies for developing lifelong meaningful relationships with our children and grandchildren.

Wondrous Child: The Joys and Challenges of Grandparenting, is an anthology of 29 vivid essays by grandparents and grandchildren from diverse backgrounds that address those differences and similarities. My chapter, Four Generations of First-Born Daughters, describes how I’ve been able to continue the inter-generational connection I grew up with by including my mother on visits to my granddaughters.

My three granddaughters, who are my favorite playmates, call me “Baba.” Their lively imaginations constantly reignite the child in me and allow me to share their sense of wonder. They have been my catalysts for many creative projects.

When I can’t play with them, I enjoy yoga, Zumba, hiking, journal writing, meditating, singing, and gathering family and friends together for celebrations.

After years of listening to grandmas share their stories, I’ve come to better understand the many challenges we face in our role as parents of parents. There’s a new dynamic that develops with our adult children and it can often be tricky navigating this unfamiliar territory. I coach grandmas on how to build mutual respect, trust, and empathy with the parents of their grandchildren so that they can be a unified team in raising the next generation.

I enjoy speaking to groups and sharing all the wisdom and wonder I’ve gleaned from other grandmothers. In addition to my passion for being a grandma, I have a deep appreciation for the value of rituals and traditions as a method of strengthening bonds between the generations. For more than 20 years, I’ve been speaking and giving workshops on how to create meaningful rituals for all reasons.

You can contact me here to explore one-on-one coaching or book me to speak to your group.


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