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About Us


The GaGa Sisterhood is a national social network and organization for enthusiastic, creative, caring women who indulge in the joy of being grandmothers. We currently have chapters in California (Silicon Valley) and New Jersey.

The Mission of the GaGa Sisterhood

  • Explore what it means to be a grandma today—both the joys and challenges.
  • Share wisdom and resources that foster understanding between grandmas and their adult children.
  • Inspire grandmas to continue growing along with their children and grandchildren.

We’ve been meeting since 2003 when I witnessed the birth of my first grandchild and went completely gaga! After I came back down to earth and talked to other grandmas, I realized I was not the first grandma to feel this way. I had lots of questions about my new role and wanted reassurance from other grandmas that all the new feelings I was experiencing were “normal.” I decided to start the GaGa Sisterhood so that we could share our wisdom and experiences with each other.

I invited all the grandmas I knew to my house to start a conversation about what it means to be a grandma today. On December 7, 2003 fifteen grandmas sat in a circle in my living room. We told stories about what our grandchildren call us and how we got those names, the great lengths we go to see them, how we juggle all our roles to make time for them, and most importantly, how we get along with their parents. There was so much to share and not enough time to dive into it. We all wanted to continue the conversation and we’ve been going strong for sixteen years. I realized the role of “grandma” was complicated and that grandmas together could figure it out better than one grandma all by herself.

Our Sisterhood has grown into a group of friends with real camaraderie who can laugh about the joys and challenges of being a grandma. We meet every other month in members’ homes throughout the San Francisco Peninsula and Silicon Valley. We’ve discussed a wide range of topics over the years that inspire us to continue growing along with our children and grandchildren. Since April 2020, we’ve been meeting monthly on Zoom and welcome grandmas from all over the country and world.

We hope you’ll join us.

Donne Davis
Founder, GaGa Sisterhood

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