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The GaGa Sisterhood began with a membership chapter in Silicon Valley (Bay Area California).  Later on, there were grandmas in New Jersey who wanted the opportunity to meet locally, so they became a franchise GaGa Sisterhood group.

Then during the Covid-19 era, when no one was able to meet in person, we evolved to a national Zoom membership. Once it was possible to again meet in person, we moved to a structure of some local in-person meetings. Also, we continued with our Zoom meetings, which were able to reach grandmas across the USA, and even some grandmas as far away as Australia and other locations.

  • Bay Area California Chapter – visit this page for pictures
    Our ‘original’ home chapter was located in Silicon Valley (Bay Area California) and for many years provided year-round in-person meetings. In 2020 – 21 when the COVID-19 pandemic hit us all, these in-person meetings had to stop temporarily – and we took the opportunity to develop and offer meetings via Zoom.  Later on, in 2022 the in-person meetings have again been able to resume.
  • New Jersey Chapter – (remote franchised Chapter) – visit this page for pictures
    GaGa Sisterhood has a franchised chapter located in New Jersey, providing all our East Coast GaGas with the opportunities to meet there in person from time to time.


Contact us if you would like to discuss starting a franchised chapter in your own geographical location.


GaGa Sisterhood meets on Zoom
GaGa Sisterhood members enjoying a Zoom meeting.
GaGa sisterhood Grandmas meeting
A local Chapter of GaGa Sisterhood enjoying getting together.

Some Kudos GaGa Sisterhood Received Over The Years

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