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Chapter News

GaGaSisterhood Meetings in 2021 are on Zoom and all grandmas are welcome.

Join Our Zoom GaGa Meetings
Since the COVID-19 pandemic in the winter of 2020, we have been meeting monthly on Zoom so grandmas all across America can join us. If you’d like to meet vibrant, creative grandmas who want to continue learning and listen to speakers and authors on topics of interest to grandmas, fill out this contact form so we can connect.

GaGaSisterhood has two (2) chapter locations:

Silicon Valley, California Chapter
Our ‘original’ home chapter is located in Silicon Valley and provides both a number of year-round in-person meetings, as well as on-line opportunities which provide members many ongoing opportunities to stay in touch, socialize, learn, and be involved with all the joys of grandparenthood.

New Jersey Chapter
Our second chapter is located in New Jersey, providing all our East Coast GaGas with the same type of opportunities as our Silicon Valley chapter.

GaGa sisterhood Grandmas meeting


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