The Best of the Best Grandparent Resources

GRAND Magazine has been providing grandparents of all ages and in all stages of life, information and inspiration since 2005. The founder and publisher, Christine Crosby is a grandmother and great-grandmother who truly understands how to celebrate the joys and help provide solutions to the many challenges of being a grandparent in today’s tech-savvy world.

She also realizes that we are not “just” grandparents. We’re multifaceted human beings with many passions and interests. In addition to our important role as grandparents, we want to transition through our life stages as successfully as possible. With that goal in mind, GRAND features helpful information on positive aging, fun and healthy lifestyles, connecting generations, long-distance grandparenting, alienated grandparents, and much more.

In this issue, GRAND presents 2022 Best of the Best Grandparent Resources. I’m honored to be among the grandparents, great-grandparents, moms and dads who are stepping up to help grandparents as we experience this amazing new life stage. Together, with our life experiences, education, passions, and commitments, we strive to help you successfully navigate this complex new role.

We know that today’s Nanas and Pappas are not the same as our grandparents. With the explosion of technology, worldwide internet, social media, social changes, advancements in healthcare, increased longevity, the looming threat of a rapidly changing climate, attacks on democracy, and human rights; our roles as grandparents are more important than ever.

Click on this link to meet all the Best Grandparent Resources as well as writers who explore positive aging, tell us how our brains can trick us, and provide creative ideas and tips for us long-distance or invisible grandparents.

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  1. Our 2 grand-daughters (aged 5, & just 3) live in New York, while we live in Australia. I wondered if you could possibly help me find a reputable website that the four of us can share re reading books, playing games, etc. via FaceTime.
    I read of one a few years ago & have forgotten its’ name. What I like, is that it’s hands-on at either end of phone. In Australia we can turn the page … & in New York … they can turn the page. For eg. if I’m reading and have turned the page, they can actually turn the page back to refer to something … as children are inclined to do. Thanking you. Yours faithfully, Cathie Norman.

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