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Top 10 Posts of 2019

Happy 2020! Here we are entering a new decade with curiosity about this brand new slate ahead of us. But before we move forward, I’m taking a look backward to see which posts were the most popular in 2019.

Thank you for visiting my website and making these posts the Top 10. Please continue to share with your family and friends.

Create Family New Year’s Resolutions

By taking an inter-generational approach to New Year’s resolutions, you as a grandparent can gain insight into your children’s and grandchildren’s goals and dreams for the New Year. It’s also an opportunity to find new ways to be more involved with your children and grandchildren’s lives.

Should Grandma Come on a Family Vacation

Multigenerational travel is a popular way for families to bond and make memories. Bringing grandma on a family vacation has many benefits for everyone involved.

35 Fun Activities with Grandchildren

I put together a list of some favorite activities I’ve enjoyed doing with my three granddaughters who are now 16, 12 and 5 years old.

The Double-Edged Nature of Being a Grandma

This post was inspired by my 12-year old granddaughter who asked me to tell her a story about my grandma.

Surrogate Grandparents Are Needed

Many women write to me who want to be surrogate grandmas. In this post, I shared a link to a Facebook group that helps families find matches for surrogate grandparents.

Website for Parents of Estranged Adult Children

An estimated 20% of American families are navigating an estrangement — where one family member voluntarily and intentionally distances themselves from an ongoing negative relationship. This post struck a nerve.

Hooray! I’m Turning into My Mother

Over the last Mother’s Day weekend, I realized my feelings for my mother have shifted over the years. Instead of feeling afraid I’m turning into my mother, I now have a deeper appreciation of the many positive qualities she’s modeled for me.

Difficult Daughter-in-Law: Alienated Grandparents

This post touches on the number one sore spot in the grandparent relationship – the difficult daughter-in-law.

What Will My Grandchild Remember?

This post was popular because as grandmas we all think about the legacy we want to leave our grandchildren.

Grandmothers Are the Support Cast, Not the Star

This post offers some advice on how to be a supportive, non-interfering grandma.

Thanks again for being one of my readers. I’d love to hear your thoughts about any of these topics in the comment box below.

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