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Get Your Grandchildren’s Thoughts on the Pandemic

This guest post first appeared on GrandparentsLink. The author is Dr. Victoria Wallers, an educator for over 40 years, who has taught thousands of students to read and write using their passions and strengths: sharks, roller coasters, rocket science, the Titanic, and even Pokemon, to name a few.

This is a creative family activity and a good way to see how your grandchildren are feeling during this pandemic — and how YOU are feeling! For those of us who do not get to be “with” our grandkids, do this activity virtually. Simply ask the parents to help you with the setup, and then meet on Zoom or FaceTime.

Cut out words from newspapers, magazines, and advertising fliers, or print and cut out random words from the internet.

Lay all of the words on a table.

Then put blank sheets of paper (or poster board), scissors, glue, and markers on the table.

Have each person choose words that describe the way they are feeling and then paste them randomly, or in sentences, on their paper. They can also decorate their paper with pictures or designs.

Give each child a chance to talk about his/her feelings, what they’re missing, and what they like. You will be amazed at the results.

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