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Do You Need Some Grandma Love?

We grandmas, are so good at spreading our love — not just to our grandchildren but to other grandmas as well. And if we ever needed more grandma love, it’s now. We’ve all read the research that friendships with other women not only help us reduce stress but can also extend our lifespan. In stressful times, women are much better than men at reaching out to friends for comfort when life isn’t going well. And life has not been going well for most of 2020.

As grandmas, we’re stressed because we can’t hug our grandchildren. We’re seeking comfort from other grandmas. How do you stay connected we ask? Knowing we’re not alone helps ease our heartache. Listening to other grandmas’ ideas gives us reassurance and hope for the future.

I’ve observed this firsthand at our GaGa Sisterhood meetings. Our GaGa Sisterhood tagline is “where grandmas bond, brag, and benefit.” Surprisingly, we’ve been doing more bonding and benefiting on Zoom than I ever could have imagined. Grandmas from all over the USA and beyond have been joining our meetings.

For the past 17 years, members of our local Silicon Valley chapter have been meeting at members’ homes every other month. But all that ended last March. Since then, we’ve been meeting on Zoom every month. We listen to a speaker and then move into small breakout groups to dive deeper or just vent about how sad and isolated we feel as we shelter in place. All our members love the “breakout” rooms when we can share our challenges or some of the creative ways we’re adapting to the COVID restrictions.

At our 17th anniversary celebration on December 3, 2020, members shared some of the benefits they’ve gotten from our Sisterhood:

  • A shared bond with women who love their grandchildren
  • Access to dynamic, creative, energetic, and empathic women
  • A safe place to share without feeling judged
  • A wealth of resources and wisdom from life experiences
  • Opportunities for self-development  and networking
  • Solutions for handling tough situations
  • Camaraderie, support, and friendship

At this stage of our lives, we’re more comfortable with who we are; we’re able to be vulnerable and authentic. I’ve observed this willingness to show up “warts and all” yet hold each other in high esteem with empathy and without judgment. We’re craving intimacy and authenticity in our conversations. Knowing that allows us to quickly drop into real heartfelt conversations with depth.

The connections we make in the GaGa Sisterhood nourish our souls and give us hope that we will survive.

When GaGas gather, magic happens.

Do you need some grandma magic in your life? Join our GaGa Sisterhood Meetup group and see for yourself. Even if you can’t give grandma love to your grandchildren, you can receive love and appreciation from another grandma.

100th meeting on January 10, 2021

Our 100th meeting is Sunday, January 10, 2021, from 2 – 4 pm PST. Our speaker will be Emily Morgan, grandmother of 9, and host of the podcast “Grand Life.” Emily will talk about navigating the obstacles and embracing the abundance of multiple grandchildren.

Emily has covered all things grandparenting on her podcasts over the past 3 seasons. She’s a wealth of experience and knowledge with 4 adult children and 9 grandchildren. She believes “life is grand and loves exploring ways to grow as grandparents and connect to those who are in the thick of it with us.”

Whether you’ve got one grandchild or 18, you’ll definitely learn tips for strengthening relationships with your grandchildren and their parents.

Click here to join Meetup. We welcome grandmas from all over the world.

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