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Give Eco Friendly Gifts to Family

This guest post is by Ali Morton, a freelance writer specializing in health, science and lifestyle.

People in America are becoming increasingly interested in making lifestyle choices that benefit the environment. A 2017 study on corporate social responsibility found that 87% of consumers have a more positive image of companies that support social or environmental issues, and around 88% are loyal to this type of company. Millennials in particular are an eco conscious bunch, and considering that they will soon be making up the world’s largest consumer group, eco gifts are set to become more popular. If you have spotted a gorgeous recycled, upcycled or green item that you think would hit the spot with someone you love, these are a few reasons why you shouldn’t think twice about your purchase!

Eco-Friendly Gifts are Health Enhancing

There are so many gifts that your family member will love, from organic, pesticide-free food and skincare, right through to eco-derived essential oils, perfumes, and décor items. Environmentally friendly presents are chemical free, which means your loved ones can avoid ingredients like lead, chromium, and phthalates in their beauty, food, and design-centered gifts. For a health food lover, something as simple as a big basket full of organic fruit will really hit the spot this summer. Did you know that organically grown fruit is considerably higher in cancer-fighting antioxidants than conventional produce? Thus, your loved one can enjoy all the vitamin and mineral power of produce without swallowing heavy metals and pesticides.

Eco Gifts Made from Scratch

Eco gifting lends itself to DYI gifts and homemade treats that can show your family members you have taken the time to make their day in a very personal way. From making a healthy loaf of spelt muffins to creating an art piece made of recycled wood, it is easy to please a loved one while reducing your carbon footprint. Whether you are making something to eat, or something to wear (or decorate a home), keep the packaging minimal. Avoid plastic, shiny wrapping, and ribbon, opting instead for recycled paper or a simple box that can be used again for future presents.

Keeping Durability and Quality in Mind

More than $9.5 billion is wasted on unwanted presents every year, which is incredibly harmful for the environment. A survey by Finder.com showed that clothes and accessories in particular are unwanted by 46% of people, followed by household items, then beauty items and fragrances. The big percentage of waste is an indication of how people are used to simply throwing things in the bin (instead of finding use for them). It is also illustrative of the fact that many people simply do not shop mindfully. Many think simply of the ‘wow’ factor when making a purchase, without really thinking of what their loved one truly needs. To reduce waste and do your share for the environment, do solid research into your family member’s wish list, and invest in a quality gift. Gifting them something durable (such as a shirt in biodegradable, highly sustainable bamboo or hemp) will ensure they cherish and enjoy the gift for many years before having to throw it away.

Eco friendly gifting is fulfilling for many reasons. It involves finding out what your loved one truly desires, buying them items that do not enlarge your carbon footprint, and occasionally making items yourself, by recycling or upcycling unwanted items. Sustainable gifting values your loved one’s wants and needs but also sets an example. It is possible to give thoughtful, useful, sturdy gifts that enhance health, beauty, and happiness.

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  1. How about a vegan or vegetarian cookbook? One of the best things that we can do for our planet is to eat less meat, which takes far more resources to produce than plant-based food.

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