Should Grandma Say No?

My daughter sent me this meme and said: “Mom, this is so you!”

It’s true — I rarely say “no” to my granddaughters. I’m a total pushover and they both know it. I don’t think they take advantage of me so I’m willing to go along with most of their requests.

I think this meme about grandma never saying no is just another stereotype about grandmas. There are times when it’s important to say no and show your grandchildren you deserve their respect. That’s true not only for grandchildren but for their parents as well. For example, when they start taking advantage of your time and ask you to babysit more than you’d like.

I shared a post by Kay Ziplow and Leslie Zinberg, co-founders of that offers five tips to help you say no when you need to. Click on this link to read their tips on how to say no.

What are some times when it’s hard for you to say no?

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