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Awesome Summer Activities for Grandparents and Their Grandsons

This guest post is by Sheila of Brain Power Boy who shares information on boys’ learning, books for boys, unique toys, LEGO, and many other resources for raising boys who love to learn.

Spending time with your grandson this summer is all about being together and building memories.

Sometimes it is hard to know what they might enjoy, or we get stuck in a rut and always do the same types of things with them. If you are looking for ideas, here are some of my favorites!

The main thing to keep in mind is to match the activity to your grandson’s personality. If he is boisterous and enjoys crowds, you may choose to get out and about more than if he is quiet and likes to do things alone with you or in small groups. There are options here that will work for both of you. Enjoy!

  • Go to a sports team practice together. Watching them practice can be very interesting.  You might even be able to chat with the players and grab an autograph before or after the practice. Contact local teams to get details.
  • Register for a building workshop at Home Depot.  The stores supply all of the materials and directions as well as tools for the child to use.
  • Find out where the next car show is by Googling “car show” and “your city.” This has been a fun activity for our family. Many Culver’s and A&W restaurants have free shows and there are large shows in towns all across the United States.
  • Go fishing. If you don’t have any fishing equipment see if you can borrow some. Ask local fisherman where to take young boys fishing. They likely have a spot where the odds are high you can catch a few fish.
  • Take him down to the fire station. Many firehouses welcome young visitors. Just call first and get a good date and time to visit. Some also have yearly open houses where there are snacks and activities included.
  • Read about his favorite topic! My parents have fond memories of reading with their grandsons. I have an extensive list of books for boys on Brain Power Boy if you are looking for good books to try.
  • Watch for family night at a local fair. Many have free or reduced admission on those nights. You can have some fun grabbing a cotton candy, looking through the animal barns, seeing a truck pull, a demolition derby, and riding a ride or two.
  • Teach him one of your hobbies. Whether it be knitting or crochet (yes, boys do like to do needle arts you just need to find the right pattern!) or model airplanes or trains, sharing your hobbies with your grandson can be a very rewarding experience.
  • Build a robot. Don’t worry, it is not hard and you only need a few supplies.
  • Set up a wading pool and see if you can make a boat that will float. Try aluminum foil, corks or even LEGO!
  • Visit a wildlife rehabber or a wildlife sanctuary. Taking your grandson, especially if he is an animal lover, to a place where they help animals recover from injuries is a learning experience as well as a nice outing.
  • If you have your grandson on a regular basis, let him plant some plants at your house. You can grow a small garden together or a container garden. Add some dinosaurs and let him play and learn to tend his plants.
  • Make a kite. How is that for an old-fashioned fun idea? Let him draw his favorite character on the kite then send it soaring! Here are some easy-to-follow directions in case you need to brush up on your kite making skills.
  • If it is too hot to be outside, grab a deck of cards. One simple deck will keep your grandson occupied for a long time. Ideas: Take two baskets and take turns trying to flick the cards into the baskets. Teach him your favorite card games. Build card houses. Make a ball with an old deck of cards.
  • Hit the trails, have a picnic, or teach your grandson to build a campfire at the National Parks. Did you know Seniors can get a National Park lifetime pass for a reduced rate? It is a wonderful deal!
  • Play games on a tablet together. Find simple games such as bowling and matching games that you can could both play at the same time. Your grandsons likely love technology and may teach you something!

If you prefer unplugged play ideas, check out this link to unplugged ideas. You are sure to find fun play-based activities that you can do this summer. Have him take a look at the list and choose what he would like to try.

Keep a journal or a photo album for each grandson and include all of the things you do together in it. You can make it a project that you do with him. It will be a beautiful memory book for both of you to enjoy as he grows up. Make arrangements for him to receive the album either when he gets married, or when he has his first child.

I hope you find this list of summer activities for grandparents and their grandsons to do together useful. Taking a bit of time to plan ahead will ensure that you have plenty of fun things to try.

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