“Real Grands” Redefines the Image of Grandparents

Say goodbye to those old-fashioned Granny stereotypes of rocking chairs and apron-wearing cookie bakers! Say hello to Real Grands From A-Z, Everything A Grandparent Can Be. Author and grandmother Deborah Drezon Carroll has created a multi-layered book for modern grandparents to share with their grandchildren.

Carroll wanted to redefine the image of today’s grandparents and this new picture book accomplishes that. She shows grandparents engaged in interesting professions, such as dentist, hair stylist, and lawyer; wearing contemporary clothes; enjoying lots of fun activities such as bowling, riding motorcycles, kayaking and practicing yoga.

Real Grands takes us through the alphabet to see what grandparents can be as they work and play. On each page we see a grandparent doing something interesting like painting, dancing, playing the piano. We learn 17 different grandparent names from languages around the world, such as abuela (Spanish), Lao Lao (Chinese) and Unci (Lakota.)

The photographic images on each page are wonderful conversation starters for grandparents and their grandchildren. For example, “Oma’s office is a busy place. She works hard to set the pace” could begin a conversation about the first job a grandma held.

The final message of the book will resonate with all grandparents:

Grandparents are called by different names. But they love their grandchildren all the same.

Deborah Carroll is a former teacher and author of two parenting books. She is pictured above with her first grandson, Avery.


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