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Listen to the New GaGa Sisterhood Podcasts

Part of the mission of the GaGa Sisterhood is to inspire grandmas to continue growing and learning along with their children and grandchildren. One of the ways I’ve accomplished that is to provide interesting speakers who can share information with our members. Over the past 13 years, I’ve invited many authors and teachers to speak on a wide variety of topics. After our meetings, I’ve summarized what we learned from these presentations and written about them in my monthly newsletters.

I’ve wanted to provide a similar opportunity for our remote members who do not live in the Silicon Valley and can’t attend our meetings. Recently, I came up with a solution — live “Conversations with Modern Grandmas.” On these teleconferences, I interview grandmas and our members can listen.

For my first conversation, I interviewed Christine Crosby, founder, and publisher of GRAND Magazine. Christine and I talked about the joys and challenges of being a modern grandma. She shared some of the changes she’s seen over the 13 years she’s been publishing GRAND and some of the memorable celebrity grandparents she’s met.

You can listen to my conversation with Christine Crosby by clicking on this link.

For my second conversation, I interviewed Dr. Karen Rancourt, the author of two advice books for grandparents and parents. Her most recent, Ask Dr. Gramma Karen, Volume II: Savvy Advice to Soothe Parent-Grandparent Conflicts is an easy-to-use guide with a fascinating collection of letters from grandparents and parents asking for advice on boundaries, communication, expectations, and values. Karen and I talked about some of the common challenges facing modern grandmas and how she puts those columns together for her advice column on Mommybites.com.

You can listen to my conversation with Karen Rancourt by clicking on this link.

My next conversation will feature Dr. Stephanie Brown, the author of Speed: Facing Our Addiction to Fast and Faster – and Overcoming Our Fear of Slowing Down. Stephanie and I will be talking about how our fast-paced society impacts our relationship with our children and grandchildren.

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