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Clash of the Grandmas Thanksgiving 2016 on Food Network

Four grandmas entered the 2016 Clash of the Grandmas on the Food Network but only one grandma won the $10,000 prize and emerged as the champion.

The grandmas had to come up with a delicious Thanksgiving side dish using traditional stuffing ingredients, but make anything except stuffing. They also had to create an Italian dinner from Thanksgiving leftovers. And when it was down to the final two grandmas, they had to make a traditional Thanksgiving pie — on a stick!

The four granny competitors were all seasoned cooks and knew their way around the kitchen. They definitely fit the requirements of being “sassy, spunky and spontaneous.” The host, Cameron Mathison welcomed the contestants: Noemi Adbessian (Glendale, California), Janice “Boo” Macomber (Abbeville, Louisiana), Tanya Marshall (Indianapolis, Indiana), Sherri Williams (Crestview, Florida.) Their personalities and styles were as diverse as they were entertaining. The grandma from Louisiana had such a thick Cajun accent, they used subtitles when she spoke!

The frenetic pace kept the grandmas on their toes as they set about using all the ingredients in the pantry and fridge to create their dishes. When it came down to the final round, the two grandmas remaining were Tanya Marshall from Indiana and Sherri Williams from Florida. In keeping with trendy desserts, they had to create their favorite Thanksgiving pie on a stick.

Sherri Williams whipped up a sweet potato pie and Tanya Marshall created a pecan pie with a graham cracker crust. The final test came when the judges picked up the pie on the stick. Although the three judges raved about the sweet potato pie, it slid off the stick. While the pecan pie remained firmly on the stick and as a result, Tanya Marshall captured the $10,000 prize … with tears of joy.

tanyamarshallThe Clash of the Grandmas champion, Tanya Marshall, is a grandmother of six, ages 6 – 21. She owns Heavenly Sweets, a bakery celebrating its 25th year of business. Thanksgiving is her favorite holiday and she always cooks and serves up a big meal for her family. After receiving the news that she was the champion, she said she planned to donate some of her prize money to the American Lung Association, in honor of her late mother who died of emphysema.

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