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GaGa Sisterhood Reaches 10 Year Milestone

On December 5,  2013, thirty GaGa Sisterhood members got together to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the GaGa Sisterhood. We enjoyed a festive holiday luncheon at a member’s home. Our host, Carol, invites her grandchildren over every year to decorate the 10-foot tree and her entire home. I watched the delight on our members’ faces as they took in the magic. The bountiful potluck was colorful and delicious with lots of healthy greens and grains, and of course, plenty of scrumptious desserts.

At lunch I shared these thoughts about the past decade:

Ten years ago I had an idea, inspired by my new role as a grandma. I wanted to create a community of women who were at the same stage of life I was. I wondered what other grandmas were experiencing and wanted to tap into their wisdom. So I invited all the grandmas I knew to come to my house to connect with each other, share creative ideas, and talk about issues related to being a grandma.

Fifteen grandmas came to that first meeting and we had so much to talk about we ran out of time. I knew I wanted to continue. I didn’t have any long-range plans but I knew I was onto something. Grandmas had a lot on their minds and they wanted to talk!

I also realized that the role of grandma was both exciting and complicated. I was having the time of my life meeting so many energetic and creative women with such varied life experiences. It’s been a joy to be able to bring so many like-minded women together for friendship and personal growth.

I had no idea my Sisterhood would grow and thrive for a whole decade. Yet here we are gathered in Carol’s beautiful home and it’s 2013. The ten years have flown by and the only way I know it’s been a decade is that my 10-year old granddaughter is living proof!

I feel like a weaver who’s been creating this magical tapestry for the past ten years. Each one of you brings your own unique thread to weave into this beautiful fabric. And together we can gather under its warm and comforting weight for friendship and support.

The GaGa Sisterhood has given me and hopefully, all of you a chance to reflect on this fascinating time in our lives and learn from each others’ wisdom and experience. I’m truly grateful.

Thank you all for being a part of our GaGa Sisterhood. Let’s keep on weaving!

To all of you who are reading my blog, I invite you to join the conversation. Become a member of our GaGa Sisterhood and tell us about your grandma experiences.


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