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Long-Distance Grandmas Are Thankful for Technology Advances

Today’s long-distance grandmas have so many more options for staying connected with our grandchildren than our parents’ generation. We can Skype with them, use FaceTime, and send them texts and emails on our smart phones. Of course we can still send letters and packages by snail mail, but the ability to have instant gratification is so much more satisfying than having to wait several days for news. It makes me thankful for all the advances we’ve made in technology.

Technology often gets a bad rap because it keeps people from personally engaging with each other. But there are times when technology is exactly what you need to improve communication.

I was thankful for technology during a recent phone call with my 10-year old granddaughter. She was describing an outfit she’d designed for her mannequin.

“The skirt has a face on it and the jacket has polka dots with yellow cuff sleeves,” she explained.

“It sounds beautiful,” I responded. “Could you take a picture of it with Daddy’s phone and text it to me?”

She and her 6-year old sister immediately set up the shot, took the photo, and five minutes later I could see what she’d described.

“That’s so cool,” I told her as I admired her design.

Do you have a story to share when technology helped you stay connected to your grandchild?

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