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Nominate a Grandparent of the Year

Do you know an extraordinary grandparent who deserves to be GRANDparent of the year?

If so, GRAND Magazine would like you to nominate them by clicking here.

GRAND Magazine says….

One GRANDparent (or couple) and ten finalists will be honored by GRAND Magazine and REAL Powered by Humana in the 5th annual GRANDparent of the Year tribute to grandparents whose lives demonstrate the unconditional loving bond between child and grandparent.

Tell GRAND in 250 words or less who you think deserves to be their 2011 GRANDparent of the Year. The deadline is August 5, 2011.

There’s an exciting prize package for the winner along with a tribute to the winner and finalists in the September/October issue of GRAND Magazine and on GRAND Magazine Radio.

Don’t forget, you don’t nominate them here. You have to go to GRAND Magazine!

Honor the grandparent you love by entering them in the GRAND Magazine GRANDparent of the year contest. The winner will be featured in an upcoming issue of GRAND Magazine and receive an exciting prize package.

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