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Capturing Memories Without a Camera

As members of the technology age, we grandparents and parents are always equipped to capture those precious Kodak moments with our cameras, cell phones, and camcorders. But some moments are best captured simply with our eyes and hearts, to be treasured in our memory album forever. The only equipment it takes is being present in the moment!

I had one of those moments on my last visit with my two granddaughters. I was getting ready to leave when the girls asked me to watch them on the swings one more time. They’re fortunate to have their own playground set, and at ages 8 and 4 they love to swing more than just about anything.

It was a warm Indian summer evening and we’d finished dinner. The girls were ready for bed in their matching pink and red sleeveless nightgowns. But they still had lots of energy. I sat on the wall facing them, their long blonde curls flying in their faces as they laughed and challenged each other to pump higher and higher.

Then spontaneously, they broke into song. The four-year old made up a song about what we’d done that day while her older sister just chanted “ohs” and “ahs” in harmony. After a few minutes, the little one invited the older one to sing the lead.

My heart just melted as I watched these loving sisters enjoying each other and the simple old-fashioned pleasure of swinging on a warm autumn night. For a fraction of a second I wished I’d had my video camera, but I know it would have changed the magical mood they’d created together.

Sometimes it’s best to just appreciate the magic in the moment and trust that your memory will store it where it belongs—in the heart.

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  1. Very true! I’m the most faithful of the family photographers, and sometimes I feel that I experience family events totally through the viewfinder. Once in a while I should just step away from the camera.

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