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Online Storytelling Resources

My seven-year-old granddaughter and I have shared an afternoon storytelling ritual for almost four years. She began calling me when my daughter was pregnant and needed a break in the afternoon. Now she calls while her little sister is taking a nap.

No matter how busy I am, I always stop whatever I’m working on because our calls are sacred to me. I never know how much longer she’ll be interested in calling and I don’t want to miss our connection. She is my best link to the family news and I cherish the bond we have.

Initially, my granddaughter enjoyed my stories about little girls, animals, and magic fairies. But as she’s gotten older and her interests have expanded, I’ve had to dig deeper into my own imagination and find some new resources.

A few months ago I had a bad cough and couldn’t talk. I needed a storyteller substitute for my hoarse voice. That’s when I discovered Storynory, an amazing collection of audio stories. Storynory has a mix of original stories, fairy tales, and specially adapted myths and histories. They’re narrated by Natasha Gostwick, a lovely young British woman who has impeccable diction.

We began by listening to Alice in Wonderland and then worked our way through some Aesop’s fables. I put the phone on speaker mode right next to my computer’s speaker and turn up the sound to full volume and voila, my storyteller substitute takes over!

We’ve also enjoyed Children’s Storybooks Online and Storyline Online, a program with readings by members of the Screen Actors Guild.

When I was growing up, I loved listening to my grandmother tell me stories. I’m so grateful that I have the opportunity to carry on this tradition and have the additional benefit of modern technology to augment my stories.

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  1. There are lots of cool ways to share stories today. I recently read a shortened version of Alice in Wonderland to my six-year-old granddaughter using her father’s iPad. There were lots of special effects to keep her interested as the text can be rather hard. This same granddaughter really enjoys the CDs that come with the Skippyjon Jones books. But I think old-fashioned storytelling and reading aloud from books with real pages will never go out of style!

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