Celebrate Your Journey as a New Grandmother

Do you remember the moment you first laid eyes on your new grandchild? You may think you’ll always remember those feelings, but you probably won’t. If you record them in Lisa Carpenter’s new The First-Time Grandmother’s Journal, you’ll capture them for you and future generations to enjoy. This beautiful keepsake journal offers prompts to help you capture and appreciate every moment of this exciting journey as a new grandmother.

The thought-provoking prompts encourage you to explore what kind of grandmother you hope to be and how you’ll realize your vision. You’ll also be able to share your own life experiences, skills, and interests then consider how they might influence your grandchild’s view of the world.

There are two parts to the journal. The first part helps you prepare for the initial stages of grandparenting, from the announcement that your grandchild is due to the birth. The second provides you with creative opportunities to preserve details on must-remember moments, from the first time holding your precious newborn through celebrating their first birthday.

The journal prompts fall into seven categories:

  • Being present: why living in the moment matters
  • Doing your part: pondering your vision as a grandmother
  • Exploring your wisdom: looking at your life experiences
  • Forming a bond: recognizing the gamut of emotions of your new role
  • Living in love: recording the boundless love you feel
  • Looking ahead: exploring your hopes and dreams for the future
  • Looking within: reflecting on and improving your own actions

The author writes from 12 years of experience as a grandma and a desire to help you define your grandmother journey. After you’ve documented your experience in the journal, she suggests you revisit it annually as a reminder of who you were when your grandmother journey began and how far you’ve come.

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book for review.

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