Joy-Full Inspiration Cards Bring Smiles

Here’s something guaranteed to lift your spirits. Imagine you’re sitting at home feeling the blahs from yet another day of sheltering in place. You get out your Joyblz! Inspiration Cards and pick one. “Dimplz” tells you to “Give smiles away.” Suddenly, your spirits lift and you’re inspired to smile at your postman when you go out to get your mail.

My GaGa friend, Dante sent me these Inspiration Cards and they bring a smile to my face every time I look at them. They’re called Joyblz! which rhymes with foibles as the creator, Joanne explains.

The 34 colorful over-sized cards have unique, hand-drawn, playful characters with encouraging words intended to spark joy within us. Each one of the whimsical characters’ names ends in –lz and offers a prompt. For example, Smittlz says: Show appreciation; Riddlz says: Look for the answers; and Dreamlz says: Follow your dreams. My favorite card is Grammlz because her words are so fitting: Share your wisdom!

Joanne has been hand-drawing her characters for over ten years and has created over 1,000 unique characters. It’s been her dream to share them with the world! She just launched her new business a few weeks ago. Visit to learn more.

The Joyblz! and I want to spread lots of JOY and kindness everywhere.

You can play with the cards alone or with others to share humor, inspiration, and encouragement. Shuffle the deck and choose a card. Smile and think about the message you are receiving from the character. What insights does this spark for you? Keep the card with you and place it in a prominent location so you can carry the message in your heart and reflect upon how to apply it to your daily life.

I played Joyblz with my 13-year old granddaughter, Amelia who’s a master game player and remarkably self-confident for her age. She flipped through every card and said “yep, got that” for each prompt. I presented Amelia with Tootlz because she embodies her message: Toot your horn!

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  1. Thank you sooo much for sharing Joanne’s creations. I pull one each day in the morning and let the message sit with me for a while. There are also games you can play with them. Enjoy!

    1. Thank you so much GaGa Sisterhood for sharing my Joyblz! Joy-Full inspiration cards!! I hope that they uplift you and bring you lots of JOY!😊

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