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Do Grandparents Matter?

Emily Morgan, author, and grandmother of 9 grandchildren, hosts a podcast that explores grandparenting, the relationships within the role, and the ways in which our grandparenting impacts our children — and their children. “The Grand Life” will help you evolve as a grandparent, pass on your passions, and choose a work of art or music to share with your grands.

In her recent podcast, “Do Grandparents Matter,” she explores how the Pandemic has triggered some hard questions for Emily that are bigger than grandparenting. Older people have a tougher time recovering from COVID-19 infection, making our futures a bit more uncertain. Emily is asking: are we living lives well-lived? And what can change at this late hour? She interviews a filmmaker, a researcher, and a young parent with perspectives and riveting stories about grandparents who have lived well.

Here’s the link to listen to her podcast: https://thegrandlife.libsyn.com/lives-well-lived

1 thought on “Do Grandparents Matter?”

  1. What an amazing woman Emily Morgan is! I now want to listen to ALL of her Pod Casts. We grandmothers and Grandfathers will always have reinvent some parts of us in different eras, but we are essentials in so many ways, to the lives of grandchildren.

    I am heartbroken that my adult children are politically opposite me, but we respect our differences and connect through the grandchildren.

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