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Wicked Uncle Delivers Brilliant Children’s Presents

This advertorial is sponsored by Wicked Uncle, the home of brilliant children’s presents.

If you’re looking for a unique gift to send to your grandchild, I can personally recommend a fun and creative resource — Wicked Uncle. This website has a really useful selection of fun, unusual and different presents for children. The items are categorized by age, gender, and types of gifts: adventurer, creativity, outdoorsy, and many more. These categories help take some of the guess work out of selecting an age-appropriate gift. Another way to make your choice is to select the “popular” tab and you’ll find the website’s most popular gifts selected by shoppers.

I came across Wicked Uncle when the delightful Brit who is president of the site, Joel Poznansky, contacted me. As a new grandpa, he was eager to connect with other grandparents and wanted to test his website on our demographic. He offered me a free trial to send gifts to my granddaughters.

I chose the magnetic dartboard for my 16-year old granddaughter and world’s smallest voice changer for my 12-year old granddaughter. The website is user friendly with easy-to-follow steps for ordering and completing the purchase. There’s also an option for gift-wrapping and enclosing a card with your gift. My granddaughters loved their gifts and called me on FaceTime to demonstrate their new talents of throwing darts and changing their voices!

The company was founded in the UK by Mike, a late bloomer, who was an uncle for 30 years before he became a father for the first time. It was opened in the USA because he got tired of nearly 8 years of getting emails from US citizens demanding to know why the prices were not in dollars and how much it cost to ship to New York. Pointing out that the UK site was only operated in the UK didn’t seem a good enough answer. All toys are kid tested by the children of the company’s colleagues – except for the teen toys, which are tested by the 30+ “teenagers” on staff already.

Company president, Joel, really enjoys taking a turn handwriting birthday cards and is collecting all the different names grandparents sign off as. He’s up to over 30 variations, so far.

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