Share Your Stories With Your Grandchild

Do your grandchildren know the names of your parents? Where you grew up and went to school? How you met their grandpa? Your first job? How you heard you were going to be a grandma? Your proudest accomplishments?

Lifestyle Expert Susan “Honey” Good believes that if you answer these questions and more in her just released keepsake journal, Stories for My Grandchild: A Grandmother’s Journal, you’ll gift your grandchildren the most precious gift of all — a connection to their heritage and a deeper relationship.

“With the gift of this journal all about you, your grandchildren will know you for more than kisses and comfort. They’ll learn about their family through your memories, and more importantly, about the values that they will hand down to future generations.”

Honey’s beautifully illustrated keepsake journal covers numerous topics in a Q & A format so grandparents can pass down personal stories and family history in the first person. The book also features Honey Good’s wise personal quotes about the joys of grandmotherhood for example,

“From generation to generation, our values are the thread that holds us together.”

The journal is divided into four acts: my childhood, womanhood, the grandest time and my legacy. Each page has questions with space to write your answers. Each entry offers you an opportunity to give your grandchild a connection to her heritage and a deeper relationship with her grandma.

Once you share your experiences and feelings through these thoughtful prompts, you can gift your completed heirloom to your grandchildren who, in turn, will pass down their grandmother’s treasure to their own children.

Honey speaks from experience with a blended family that includes 25 grands! On her website: Honey Good — How to Be Vibrant. Be Visible. Be You. — she has a mission to encourage women over 50 to be visible, vibrant and self-confident and to inspire the next generation.

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