Wonder Girls: Changing Our World

October 11 is International Day of the Girl Child and to celebrate this event Paola Gianturco is releasing her new book, Wonder Girls: Changing Our World

Groups of activist girls age 10 to 18 are transforming our world: improving education, health, equality, and the environment; stopping child marriage, domestic violence, trafficking, and war.

Paola Gianturco and her 11-year old granddaughter documented the work of 15 girl-led nonprofit groups in 13 countries in Asia and Central Asia, North and Latin America, the Middle East, Africa, and Ocenia. They interviewed and photographed 90 girls.

Between 2013-2016, noted author and photographer Paola Gianturco and her 11-year-old granddaughter, up-and-coming author and photographer Alex Sangster, teamed up to interview and photograph 102 girls, each of whom tells her own story in her own words. Wonder Girls is a follow up to Grandmother Power: A Global Phenomenon, which described grandmother activists.

In Wonder Girls, you will watch girls lobbying U.S. senators; see girls in Mexico inventing mobile phone apps to solve social problems; and witness Malawian girls convincing Parliament to outlaw child marriage. You will also observe Ugandan girls advocating for girls’ rights at a UN meeting. And you will meet other girls as they write blogs, petitions and poetry, produce radio shows and videos, and invent dances, songs, and works of art to promote their causes.

Wonder Girls is a call to action to help these amazing and fearless girls accomplish their important work. At the end of each chapter, Paola’s granddaughter, Alex tells you how.

As with Paola’s other books, one hundred percent of the authors’ royalties from Wonder Girls will go to The Global Fund for Women to benefit grassroots groups of activist girls and women around the world.

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