Empower Your Grandchildren to Dream Big

The New Year is a perfect time to inspire your grandchildren to envision what they’d like to do in the coming year. My Gratitude and Dream Journal: A beautiful journal with magical art and inspiring quotes for kids, teens and adults takes children through a journey of self-reflection by teaching them how to become deep thinkers, find the confidence to believe in themselves, and empower them to achieve anything they set their minds to.

The journal was created by the mother-daughter team of Helene Pam and Sheleen Lepar, who are on a mission to spread happiness and inspire young minds. Through Helene’s inspirational words and wisdom, and Sheleen’s beautiful illustrations and vision, they create products and experiences that touch the hearts and minds of children around the world.

The mother-daughter team loves creating stories that teach children to become deep thinkers. With 2016 coming to a close, it’s a wonderful time to reflect on the year and to start getting excited about all the amazing possibilities for the new year. On their PurpleSplashStudios website they’ve created two downloadable worksheets — “A Year in Review for Kids” and “Goal Setting for Kids” — that help you to do this in an easy, fun, and memorable way.

Reviewing the past year and setting goals for the coming year have been annual rituals of mine for decades. I encourage you to sit down with your grandchildren and start the tradition with them.

Happy New Year to you and your family. May you find the inspiration to make all your dreams come true!

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  1. My youngest grand – Charlie at 11 – has figured out when he will be 35 — 2040 and plans to run for POTUS. He’s obsessed with politics at the moment. Figures he might have to be Sec. of State or Sec of Defense before that to ramp up.
    What a kick – I just hope I’m still around to see it…. I will be VERY old.
    Diane Levinson

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