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Chopped Casting Call for Grandmas

Listen up all you amateur chefs, do you love to cook with your grandchildren? Do you share your love through food?

The Food Network’s popular show “Chopped” is looking for grandmas who love to compete in the kitchen. They’re currently casting passionate amateur chefs to compete on a special Grandmas episode of “Chopped.” The Food Network is looking for female amateur chefs who have spent a lifetime cooking up a storm for their families with a multitude of recipes stored in their brains.

Chopped is seeking Grandmas in the NYC and tri-state area, Baltimore, Washington D.C., Richmond VA, Colorado and New Mexico.

Chopped is only a one-day shoot with the chance to win $10,000. The episode will be filming sometime between June 2016 and early Fall 2016.

Any passionate amateur chefs who are interested can access the online application at www.choppedcasting.com/special.php

Contact Chopped at (516) 234-5018 or choppedspecials@gmail.com

Good luck and may the best grandma chef win!

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