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What Lengths Do You Go to See Your Grandchild?

My husband and I were driving home from a recent visit with our grandchildren during the most treacherous storm we’ve ever encountered. The rain was pouring down so hard we could barely see through the windshield. Neither of us said a word as we kept our eyes on the slick highway. It was scary…and it was a drag.

I could hear the old familiar tape start to play in my head—the one I often hear as I’m making the trip back on Interstate 80: I wish it were different…I wish it were easier…I wish we lived closer…I wonder how long we’ll be able to continue our drives

Twenty minutes later the rain subsided. I looked to the right side of the freeway and saw blue skies peeking through the clouds. On the left side a beautiful rainbow arced across the dark gray skies. I smiled and thought of our granddaughters—our reward for making our twice monthly treks. Just remembering the joy they bring us caused me to shift my thinking.

Aren’t we blessed that we only have to drive 132 miles to see our family? I know many grandmas who fly across the country or half way around the world to see their grandchildren and may only be able to visit them during school vacations.

Aren’t we blessed that our daughter and son-in-law welcome us with open arms every time we come and make their guest room available to us? Some grandmas have to stay in a hotel when they visit their grandchildren. And yes, aren’t we blessed that we have a home to return to. I know one grandma who lost her savings and has moved in with her children and grandchildren.

Just like the contrasting skies on our drive home, there are pros and cons to every situation. And it’s our choice to decide which one to focus on.

What lengths do you go to see your grandchild and how do you feel about it?

2 thoughts on “What Lengths Do You Go to See Your Grandchild?”

  1. I’m really lucky that I only have to drive an hour to see my farthest grandchildren, and one set lives about ten minutes away. Still, we sometimes have difficult decisions to make. Next weekend, we’ve been invited by some friends to make an overnight trip, but if we go, we won’t get to see our granddaughter. It’s been a month since we’ve seen her, because her parents are divorced and our son only gets her every other weekend. He was ill on his last weekend and didn’t get to pick her up. So we either miss time with our friends or time with our grandchildren. There’s no perfect solution!

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