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New Year’s Resolution Week

Are you tired of hearing the “R-word?” You know what I mean? Every blogger, columnist, and talk show host is talking them up this week—RESOLUTIONS! It’s the annual ritual we all indulge in for the month of January. Then when February rolls around, we get back to our lives and forget about them. I don’t mean to sound grumpy, but I just don’t think resolutions have the teeth that goals do. So several years ago I resolved to stop making New Year’s resolutions and start setting goals for the New Year.

I guess you could say I’m a goal “junkie.” I’ve always got a goal I’m working on. I love thinking about the goals I want to accomplish, reading about goal-setting, and best of all, checking them off after I’ve accomplished them. I’ve even given talks on tips for setting SMART goals. Last January I wrote a post called “Setting Goals Not Making Resolutions” and gave some suggestions for setting goals that will strengthen the bonds with your grandchildren.
Well, I just discovered a website with a new take on “resolutions.” While reading an article on goal-setting in my January Toastmaster Magazine, my eyes went straight to the bold-faced URL of Gary Blair, the Goals Guy. His website is chock full of  goal setting tips, techniques and ideas. But what really got my attention was New Year’s Resolution Week, a week-long program Blair established in 2001 to help people begin the new year with focused goals, detailed plans, and firm commitments. He has cleverly incorporated goal-setting techniques into the New Year’s resolutions theme by providing practical and useful ideas to help us “passionately embrace the New Year with purpose and hope.”

Among the many resources on his website is a list of the “Top Ten New Year Resolutions” he compiled from a survey of over 300,000 responses worldwide. Number 1, I’m sure you guessed, is: “Lose Weight and Get in Better Shape” and  Number 10 is, “Get Organized.” For each of the ten resolutions he has a compassionate response and suggestion for approaching the challenge.

Blair is motivated by a big vision: for people to experience a compelling future for themselves, and in the process, create a brighter vision for future generations. I couldn’t agree more. He understands that setting a resolution and then actually achieving it requires focus, accountability, persistence, and personal integrity. (Sounds a lot like the formula for goals.) He provides a “resolution contract” to help readers commit to their own personal resolutions along with a plan of action for achieving them.

So go ahead, make those 2010 New Year goals or resolutions, whatever you want to call them, we’re in a brand new month, year and decade and the possibilities are endless.

Good luck!

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  1. Gary Blair also has a Kids Goal-Setting Week in November. I think that’s a great idea. Why keep all the agony for ourselves? Share it with our children and grandchildren! Actually, I’m with you on the value of goal-setting. I have a plan in mind for each day, things I want to accomplish. Unfortunately, I’m not as good at long-range planning. One of my resolutions is to work on that!

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