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A Simple Suggestion to Reduce Waste on Earth Day

On the 40th anniversary of Earth Day I have a simple suggestion for reducing waste and keeping the trees in the forest where they belong. Sign up for Catalog Choice, a free service that eliminates unwanted mail delivered to your home.

We used to walk out to our mailbox and find an armload of unsolicited catalogs. Since we signed up for Catalog Choice two years ago, we’ve stopped receiving them. There’s less waste of paper and nothing to recycle.

To sign up for Catalog Choice you fill out their online registration form using your name and primary mailing address. Your contact information will only be used for the purpose of honoring your mail preference. Next, you find and set mail preferences for your catalogs, using the Catalog Choice search facilities. Then they contact the catalog providers on your behalf, requesting that your preference be honored.

It can take at least twelve weeks to process your request, after which time your mail preference should be in effect. Results will vary depending on whether the company is actively participating in their service. All Participating Companies have pledged to honor your requests within 12 weeks. If you do continue to receive catalogs you requested not to, you can contact Catalog Choice and they’ll follow up with the merchant.

Catalog Choice benefits everyone. You benefit by reducing mailbox clutter and the amount of time you spend sifting through unwanted mail. Your participation benefits merchants by lowering their cost of distribution and helping them better target their market.

1 thought on “A Simple Suggestion to Reduce Waste on Earth Day”

  1. Maybe it’s my long history with the Sears and J.C. Penney companies, but I love catalogs. Yes, you can find most goods on line, but there’s nothing quite like sitting down with a catalog. My father, who is an avid gardener, loves getting seed and plant catalogs in the mail. My grandchildren use catalogs to cut up for projects. So reduce the number of catalogs you get, but keep a few favorites coming.

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