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Good Riddance 2009

Good riddance 2009!

I am so glad this year is over—especially this last week. I have not been out of the house for the past seven days. I’ve been trying to get over a cold and cough but everyday brings a new symptom. It began with laryngitis and now it’s settled in my head. I’ve just decided to surrender to it and give my body a rest.

Fortunately, I didn’t have any plans, so I could just stay home and “veg” in front of the television, something I rarely do. I’ve even watched some Bowl games with my husband for the first time in our 41 years together! I guess I’m mellowing in my old age because normally I’d be working on my goals for 2010. That’s been one of my rituals for the last week of the year. But I figure I’ll get to those goals when I’m feeling healthy and energetic again.

I’ve never liked this last week of the year. It’s always felt kind of isolating. Everything seems to slow down as we all wait for the holidays to pass and things to get “back to normal.”

Spending the past seven days in “slo-mo” has made me realize something: I’m very blessed to be able to be in my warm, comfortable home, drinking hot tea and reading a good book (Water for Elephants) as I try to recover. I haven’t had to worry about missing a week of work.  I’ve also discovered that it’s okay to forget about my “to do” list and just take the time to let my body get healthy again.

In some ways it seems fitting to end this dismal year without a lot of celebration and hoopla. My husband and I will continue our  New Year’s Eve tradition of cooking dinner together and then reviewing the past year. But we’ll both feel relieved when 2009 is finally over and hopeful that 2010 will bring relief to the many people who’ve suffered losses this past year.

Happy 2010! May your hopes be fulfilled and your dreams become realities. And let’s pray this decade keeps getting better with every year!

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  1. I was not sad to see the 00s end! We actually had a better 2009 than we did 2008. My husband was able to recoup some of our losses in the market, and my father’s health has been better than it was in 2008. Now we have a President whom I trust to fully understand the job and to make the best decisions possible. I’m hopeful about the future on many fronts. Happy New Year!

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