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Welcome to The GaGa Sisterhood

  • Are you totally "gaga" for your grandkids?
  • Would you like to meet other grandmas who feel the same?
  • Do you want to keep learning and growing as a grandma?
  • Come to our next Zoom meeting

    Come to our next Zoom meeting and see why grandmas from all over the U.S. keep joining our GaGa Sisterhood. We're a national membership organization for enthusiastic grandmas and we've been sharing our grandma wisdom since 2003. We'd love to hear your experiences and what you've learned on our grandma journey.

  • Meetings Every Other Month On Zoom

    We meet every other month on Zoom with speakers who share resources that help us to be the best grandmas we can be. We learn creative ways to stay connected with our grandchildren. these speakers inspire us to keep growing and stay vibrant. Click on our Events page to see past and future speakers.

  • Membership Details

    Our 2023 GaGa Sisterhood Zoom membership is just $72 a year (pro-rated depending on when you join) and includes:

    • 6 Zoom meetings - plus access to Zoom recordings and any special events
    • Meetings include a guest speaker, small group breakout sessions, Q & A 
    • 2023 Dates: Jan 22, March 5, May 7, July 9, Sept 10, Nov 12 from 2 – 4 pm Pacific Time
  • Join GaGa Sisterhood

    To join our GaGa Sisterhood, go to our Meetup group and click 'Request to Join'. After you’ve joined our Meetup group, I’ll send you an email with instructions for payment options using Venmo or Zelle. We’re excited to welcome you into our GaGa Sisterhood and get to know you.


Message from Founder Donne Davis

Donne Davis - Founder of GaGa Sisterhood

As founder of the GaGa Sisterhood, I’ve been building a membership community of kindred sisters for since 2003. We are grandmas who are “gaga” for our grandkids.

Grandparenting is the new frontier. We have vast amounts of research and resources on grandparenting at our fingertips. Our GaGa Sisterhood is a community for sharing our wisdom so we can all benefit from each other’s experiences.

Join us every other month on Zoom for lively thought-provoking topics and conversations. You will benefit from our speakers and be inspired with new ideas for connecting with your grandkids. Click on our “Events” page for past and future speakers/topics.


GaGa Sisterhood Benefits

  • Participate in GaGa Sisterhood Zoom meetings
  • Network with vibrant, creative women
  • Share stories with women in the same stage of life who love being grandmas
  • Learn tips for staying connected with your grandchildren in the monthly newsletter
  • Engage in lively conversation with speakers who educate, inspire and entertain


Our Mission

  • Explore both the joys and challenges of being a modern grandma
  • Share wisdom and resources that foster understanding between grandmas and their adult children
  • Inspire grandmas to continue growing along with their children and grandchildren


Who We Are

  • A welcoming community of enthusiastic, multi-faceted, caring women with a zest for life and a passion for being grandmas
  • New grandmas, seasoned grandmas, grandmas-in-waiting, grandmas-at-heart


How We Stay in Touch

  • Private members-only Meetup group
  • Email announcements of meetings and special events
  • Monthly online newsletters with meeting summaries and articles about the parent-adult child relationship
  • Weekly blog posts about grandparent-related topics on the GaGa Sisterhood website
  • Zoom meetings every other month



Note - Local chapters are currently in California Bay area and New Jersey area
Contact us for details how to start a chapter in your local area. )

(Membership info updated 1-11-2023 -- subject to change at any time)

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