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About GaGa Sisterhood Website and Blog

Founded in 2003, the GaGa Sisterhood is a national membership organization for enthusiastic, creative, caring women who indulge in the joy of being grandmothers. Bi-monthly Zoom meetings feature informative speakers on grandparenting topics and opportunities to meet other like-minded grandmothers. There are currently vibrant chapters in Silicon Valley, California, and New Jersey where members meet regularly in person.

Demographics of GaGa Sisterhood Audience

Being a grandma in today's world is different than it was for our mothers and grandmothers. Currently we live in a new era of grandmotherhood.

  • Boomer grandmas - typically between 48-75 years old
  • Tech-savy grandmas on social media
  • Interested in learning
  • Financially secure
  • Website visitors - average number of monthly visitors 8,000- 10,000+
  • E-zine subscribers - 1500
  • Facebook likes - 2,800
  • Pinterest visitors - average number of monthly visitors 80,000+
  • Twitter followers - 500+
  • Meetup group - active and ever growing nationally

About Founder Donne Davis

Donne Davis founded the Sisterhood in 2003 after witnessing the birth of her first grandchild and going completely “gaga!” When she came back down to earth and talked to other grandmas, she realized she was not the first grandma to feel this way. She had lots of questions about her new role and wanted reassurance from other grandmas that all the new feelings she was experiencing were “normal.” Not only did she find reassurance, she discovered that other grandmas were eager to talk about their joys and challenges in a supportive group. She has created a community of like-minded women from all over the United States who subscribe to her monthly newsletter, attend informative meetings on Zoom and share resources to connect, learn and grow.

Advertising Opportunities

Let's work together!

Reach our consistently growing audience of vibrant, tech-savvy, grandmas

Advertising Opportunities include

  • Website ads - rates start at $75 monthly for 250x150 ad
  • E-zine ads - rates start at $100 monthly for 4 line ad with link
  • Advertorial blog posts - rates start at $600 for 300 word blog post with link
  • Blog post links - rates start at $300 for link reference
  • Event sponsorships - contact us to discuss
  • Speaking engagements - contact us to discuss
  • Other - contact us to discuss

Terms: Deadline for all media buys is by 10th of the month prior to advertising date
(We reserve the right to decline any advertising that seems unsuitable for our audience)
(Our low-cost ads rates cover placement but do not include detailed statistics of engagement for advertising period)

Payable in advance by check, Paypal, Venmo and Zelle.

All advertising purchases are final payments and there is no refund policy

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