Personalize a Birthday Card for Your Grandchild

Do you struggle to find just the right birthday card for your grandchild? There are many options for creating personalized greeting cards online using Canva, Shutterfly, and Zazzle to name a few. If you’re not familiar with any of these apps, there’s an easy hack that still lets you tap into your creativity.

Good old-fashioned Hallmark greeting cards. They’ve already done the creative work and all you have to do is add your own personal touch.

Here’s an example of one I just personalized for my youngest granddaughter, Sophia. She recently celebrated her 9th birthday and I found the perfect card.

The outside of the card had a big blue “9” on it. Inside, the message read:

“Happy 9th birthday to the one, the only, AMAZING YOU!”

To personalize the card, I wrote —


  1. Loving daughter
  2. Amazing granddaughter
  3. Playful cousin
  4. Intelligent & curious
  5. Loyal friend
  6. Artist & writer
  7. Speaker & actor
  8. Ninja & athlete
  9. Singer & dancer

Then I wrote another list —


  1. You can draw 9 with one curved line and not have to pick up your pencil.
  2. You can turn 9 upside down and make it a 6.
  3. You can look through the hole in the middle.
  4. Nine is the number of months your mama carried you in her womb before you were born.
  5. Nine is the number of innings in a baseball game.
  6. Nine is the number of justices in the United States Supreme Court.
  7. Nine is the number of squares in tic-tac-toe.
  8. Nine is the number of lives cats have.
  9. Nine is the number of years you’re celebrating this year.

Personalizing a greeting card for your grandchild doesn’t require artistic talent. Just a little creative thought. What makes your grandchild special or unique? Figure out a creative way to incorporate their special qualities into a card. If your grandson is celebrating his sixth birthday, you could add “six reasons to celebrate you.” Create six little “bubbles” inside the card and write a quality you love about your grandson in each of the bubbles. Have fun with it and let your imagination soar. Your grandchild will love your added personal touch.


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