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Celebrate Grandparents Day With GaGa Sisterhood

Do you like to tell stories to your grandchildren? Would you like some new tips to inspire you? Come to our GaGa Sisterhood Zoom meeting on Sunday, September 12, 2021, at 2:00 pm PST. We’re celebrating Grandparents Day with storyteller Priscilla Howe who will offer her favorite storytelling tips and techniques.

Our GaGa Sisterhood has been celebrating Grandparents Day together for over ten years. This year you can join us on Zoom for 90 minutes of learning and fun with grandmas from all over the U.S. at our monthly meeting.

Whether you’re telling true stories, made-up tales, or old favorite folktales, one of the longest-lasting gifts you can give your grandchildren is the gift of story. In this interactive program, you’ll have a chance to practice your storytelling in small breakout sessions. Apart from being the oldest educational method in the world, storytelling is just plain fun.

Priscilla has been a storyteller since 1993. She’s told stories in fourteen countries on four continents, occasionally in French and Bulgarian, but mostly in English, often for ESL students. She performs, teaches occasional classes and workshops, and coaches other storytellers.

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