Swap Life Skills on Thanksgiving

The meaning of “life skills” changes from generation to generation. What were once considered essential life skills are now lost art forms. While our grandchildren can naturally use their laptops, smart phones, and tablets to accomplish almost any task, they may have never learned to knit, bake, or tie a slipknot like Grandma and Grandpa did growing up.

Generations can learn a lot from each other, which is why Intel came up with a clever idea to encourage the generations to learn from each other by having a skill swap.

When your family is gathering to enjoy quality time together on Thanksgiving or during the December holidays, try swapping some skills between the generations. Here’s a sample invitation you can send to your family:

You’re Invited to a Family Skill Swap

The holidays are almost here and we would love to spend the day with you for a “skill swap.” We can trade some of our favorite skills with each other and take photos throughout our day. Here are some possible ideas: We would love to learn how to ____________ and can work with you on ______________.

Date: ______________
Time: ______________
Location: ____________

Love, ________________

Savvy Digital Skills to Teach Grandparents

Photo Features: Grandparents love to capture life’s memories in photo form. Teach them about digital photo capabilities — from taking pictures and editing, to creating memory books and sharing with friends and family.

Game On: Grandparents love playing cards and board games. Introduce them to some of your favorite digital versions so they can play even when their bridge or bingo group isn’t meeting.

Redefine Reading: For some grandparents, digital reading may seem foreign. Set up a digital library on your grandparent’s tablet or laptop. Download books, magazines or audio books and earmark favorite news sites.

Virtual Video: Though a phone call is always a treat, grandparents miss seeing their children and grandkids when they are away. Set up a video chat account and practice placing video call so you can see each other even when your apart.

Teaching Essential Life Skills to Grandchildren

Cook-off Challenge: Pass on your secret family recipes. Ask your grandchild to create a digital archive of the recipes on their tablet, laptop or smartphone, or use these devices to capture a video of you creating the dish.

Grandparents in the Spotlight: Have your grandchildren interview you about your family history, childhood and favorite memories. Grandkids can capture video, take notes on their device, audio record stories, scan family photos, and chronicle these stories into a digital memory book the whole family can share.

Lost Arts: Skills that grandparents learned in Boy/Girl Scouts, etiquette class or home economics are considered “lost” today. Pass on these beloved lost arts and teach grandkids how to tie knots, sew a button on a shirt or write a perfect thank you note. Grandchildren can record the instructions on their device.

Outdoor Adventure: Sometimes grandchildren need a reminder to go outdoors. Teach your best kept gardening secrets and garage repair shop tricks at home, or go on an adventure to share a skill and bring your mobile device to capture the moment through photos or videos.

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