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Birthday Surprise for a 99-Year Old Grandma

My sister-in-law’s nephew wrote to his family and friends asking for help in celebrating his grandmother’s 99th birthday. This is the email he sent:

Subject: My Grandmother Turns 99 – Please send her a card 🙂

My Grandmother is turning 99 this year on August 14 and I need your help!!!

To celebrate her 99 years, the family is attempting to have her receive 99 birthday cards from family and friends. She absolutely loves receiving and sending birthday cards. I treasure each and everyone that she has sent me in her perfect cursive handwriting (such a lost art!!)

While many of you have never met “Memee,” the attached picture tells you a lot about her condition at 99. She still lives by herself at home and does her daily morning exercises. She enjoys swimming in Lake Murray, South Carolina and does so by lowering herself into and out of a pontoon boat (about a 3 foot drop!)

Her mind is sharp as a tack and she can beat anyone in Scrabble or Upwords. Often times, opposing players challenge her on whether her Scrabble play is actually a word but after losing repeated challenges, we have all acquiesced that this 1930’s one-room school teacher has an amazing vocabulary that none of us can challenge!

So if you can find the time to send her a birthday card, I would be forever grateful.

I ran right out and bought a card for Ann. I can’t wait to hear the stories after she receives all of her cards.

Birthday Gift Suggestions for an Elderly Person

If you’re looking for other ideas to give an elderly person, here are some suggestions:

  • Cash or a gift card to help pay for utility bills
  • Gift basket with healthcare products
  • CD with music from her favorite era
  • Memory book with articles about events that happened during her lifetime
  • Photo album or collage of all her grandchildren and great-grandchildren
  • Decorated tote bag with her name in her favorite colors filled with knitting supplies or a good book
  • T-shirt with “Grandma” on the front and all her grandchildren’s names on the back

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