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GaGa Sisterhood Ranked in Top 12 Grandparent Blogs

The GaGa Sisterhood was named one of the Top 12 GRANDparent Blogs in GRAND Magazine’s 1st Annual Best of the Web 2010 Awards. Their decision was based on “criteria such as content, ease of navigation, Web traffic and overall look and appeal.”

Wow, what a thrill! I am truly honored to be in the company of so many interesting, tech-savvy grandmas who blog and share such different facets of grandparenthood.

GRAND Magazine, the online magazine for grandmas and grandpas, is published by Christine Crosby, who happens to be a grandmother and very youthful great-grandmother, as well. She founded the print magazine in 2004 then went digital in 2008. I am proud to be recognized by GRAND because their mission completely aligns with mine: to provide grandparents of all ages and in all stages of life both information and inspiration. GRAND celebrates the joys and tackles the challenges of one of life’s sweetest experiences—having grandchildren.

And now here’s some good news for all you loyal readers: In recognition of my award, GRAND magazine is offering a one-year complimentary subscription (regularly $19.95) to GRAND for free! To start your subscription, just click on this link: http://bit.ly/GRANDMAG

I am grateful to all of you readers and hope you enjoy your gift from GRAND.

4 thoughts on “GaGa Sisterhood Ranked in Top 12 Grandparent Blogs”

  1. 10 Things to do with Teenage Grandkids
    Some people are baby people some people are teenage people. I am a baby person. I loved being a parent to my children when they were growing up and I love grandparenting Ashley, Jordyn and Makenzie. It is so easy to think of activities and games to play. I usually don’t have to do much of the talking either. But I know I will struggle when they grow up and “turn into” teenagers.
    I believe that it is harder than ever to be a teen in today’s world. Having a grammy or grampy to spend time with can be a comfort and an escape from the daily pressures teenagers face. I know that providing a space of unconditional love is the first step. Below you will find activities that I have found to be great starting points.
    Activities for grandparent time with teenagers:
    1. Don’t try too hard to get him to talk. That should not be the end goal. Just get involved in an activity, talk about what you are doing and let the conversation flow.
    2. Instead of asking, “What do you want to do?” ask “What was your favorite thing we did together when you were little?” and then do it even if you then have to have a water fight in the back yard.
    3. Ask her to help with a project; like making a small scrapbook of family photos for an elderly relative.
    4. Go to a movie. You don’t have to talk while you are there and you have something to talk about when you leave.
    5. Have him teach you how to play his favorite video game.
    6. Listen to her choice of music.
    7. Make his favorite childhood meal together.
    8. Watch Real World on MTV together. I learned a lot about teenage culture while watching this with my kids.
    9. Let her bring a friend with her to visit you. This can provide a buffer and be a lot of fun.
    10. Don’t feel guilty if nothing you tried has worked.

  2. Donne, it’s been a true pleasure to get to know you and work alongside you. Your articles are so well written from a perspective that I can appreciate. You come from a place of common sense which is rare these days. I just wanted to congratulate you on your award. You deserve it!

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